It's Time To Apply For Social Security Disability: 4 Mistakes That Can Derail Your Application

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If you're dealing with a long-term disability, it's time to apply for social security disability. The application process isn't easy. In fact, it can be downright stressful and riddled with opportunities to make mistakes. Unfortunately, those mistakes can prove costly and time-consuming, especially if you don't know how to fix them. The best way to make the process go smoother is to know what mistakes to avoid while you're applying for benefits. Here are four mistakes that can interfere with your ability to receive the benefits you desperately need.

Trying to Do It Alone

If you're going to apply for social security disability benefits, the worst thing you can do is go it alone. The application can be confusing, and if it's not filled out properly, it will delay the process. In some cases, your application will be denied, which means you'll need to start the entire process over again. That means you'll be left waiting even longer for your much-needed benefits. Make sure the application is filled out properly by having a disability attorney help you with the paperwork.

Limiting Your Disability Information

When it comes to filling out the medical portion of the application, you want to get as detailed as possible. That means you'll need to include information about every disability you suffer from. If you've been diagnosed with multiple disabilities, be sure to include details about each one. Get specific about how each impairment affects your life, and how those impairments affect each other. This information will paint a clearer picture for social security officials to understand your disabilities and why you should have your application approved.

Avoiding Follow-Up Contact

Once you submit your application, don't sit back and wait to hear from a social security representative. You may be waiting a long time, especially if they lose your application or get back-logged. Submit your application, wait a few weeks, and then make contact with them. Call the office and make sure they've received your application packet. Ask if there is anything else they require. This will give them the opportunity to advise you about additional paperwork they might need, which will help speed up the process. Ask for the name of the representative you're speaking to each time you call.

Giving Up Without a Fight

If your application is denied – and it might be – don't give up. Many applications for social security disability benefits are denied on their first submission. In fact, research shows that only about 35% of all applications are approved on the first attempt. That means you need to be willing to fight for your benefits. If you're denied, talk to your attorney about the appeals process. 

For more information and help with your social security disability application, work with a local law firm that works on disability cases, such as Horn & Kelley, PC Attorneys at Law.


21 March 2017

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