It's Never Too Late: What to Know About Senior Divorces

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Many people just assume that older couples that manage to stay married until they are in their "golden years" have it all figured out and will remain together forever. Unfortunately, just being older does not solve a couple's problems, and some of the same issues that plague younger couples affect older ones as well. Additionally, older couples face unique challenges because of their age. Read on to learn more about senior divorces and the unique stressors that can cause break ups.

1. Time wears couples down. While you can imagine that many older couples have made peace with each other's annoying habits and mannerisms, in many cases they are just trying to cope as best they can. Added up over time, these small problems can begin to multiply and cause couples to argue and sometimes split up. Just because you've been together a long time doesn't mean that you love everything about your spouse, and if repeated issues like snoring, rude eating habits, and more remain unresolved, you might just reach your breaking point and file for divorce.

2. Your financial situation has changed. When both of you were bringing home paychecks, your money issues may have seemed minor, but suddenly being on a fixed income can bring those issues to the forefront. For example, a tendency to eat out a lot during your working years could cause problems when you are both relying on a smaller retirement or Social Security payment each month. If you cannot adjust to the changes necessary to make ends meet now that your income has decreased, arguments and disagreements of how your money is spent could result in a divorce.

3. Your age difference causes issues. If you and your spouse are separated by 5 years or more, you may encounter an unexpected problem as the older party ages. What seemed unnoticeable in the early years of your marriage will become more apparent with aging. Health problems, sexual issues, mental issues, and more can begin affect the older party more, resulting in worries by the younger party of how the coming years will unfold.

4. Too much time on your hands. Nearly everyone looks forward to their retirement years, when they can spend their days in their garden or on the golf course. The reality can sometimes be less than pleasant, however. Some couples, who are not accustomed to being together 24/7, may find themselves bored, anxious, and lonely without the mental and physical experience of working at job. Unfortunately, these feelings can lead to behaviors that could end a marriage, such as thrill-seeking hobbies, affairs, drug and alcohol abuse, and more.

If couples counseling has been unsuccessful for you and your spouse, speak to a divorce attorney at firms like Gordon Liebmann Attorneys at Law about what to do next.


4 April 2017

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