Exactly What Can Happen During A Slip And Fall Injury

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Slipping and falling on a patch of ice in front of a convenience store is not convenient at all. Most cities and states require that the proprietors of these stores clear snow and ice regularly. If this particular convenience store owner did not do that, and you fell, you could sue. If you feel inclined not to sue, you should know exactly what can happen to you in a slip and fall that you might not feel until later on.

Hairline Fractures in Your Hip, Tibia, Fibia, and Femur

Hairline fractures are hard to see on an x-ray. These types of tiny fractures are also called "stress" fractures because pressure to a bone can cause them as well. All of these bones are in your legs, and one or more bones can experience these fractures when you slip and fall on the ice. Because you are already in shock and pain, and because you might have a little adrenaline pumping from the fear of falling, you will not feel any extra pain from the fractures until days after the incident.

Herniated Discs

If you fell onto your back, you can actually cause the discs in your back to herniate. The fall simulates another type of trauma whereby you arc forward and snap backward; a car accident. With the additional pressure of concrete or asphalt, the discs could also rupture. Pain and swelling in your back should not be dismissed and you should have this examined right away.

Coup-Contrecoup of the Brain

Slipping and falling on ice may have a very dramatic impact on your head and brain. If your skull lands before your back, hips, buttocks or arms and legs, your brain could be jarred back and forth inside your head. This produces a countrecoup or coup-contrecoup injury to the brain, whereby the front and back of your brain are smacked hard against the front and back of your skull. Your brain is badly bruised. If bleeding also occurs, your brain could swell, and with no room to expand inside your head, it could kill you. Your only warning sign would be an excruciatingly painful headache followed by coma and/or death.

Now That You Know

Now that you know the seriousness of a slip and fall injury as it occurs on ice in front of a convenience store, go see a doctor pronto. It is better to know that you are really okay than end up in the hospital a day to a week later. Then pursue a lawsuit for your injuries, since the proprietor of the convenience store was in the wrong. A personal injury lawyer is exactly who you should see.


25 September 2017

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