4 Types Of Sexual Harassment

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One of the things in life you don't want to deal with is sure to be sexual harassment. However, this can happen, and if it's on the job, you may have a strong case. There are laws that are in force that should be helpful to any individual in this situation. Knowing some of the various types of ways a person may b suffer from sexual harassment may be beneficial to you.

Type #1: Inappropriate touching

The last thing you may want is another person at work touching you unexpectedly. This goes beyond a touch on the arm or a welcoming hug after been gone for a while.

However, any physical contact from another person that is unwanted may be sexual harassment. If this happens to you, it's essential to make a note of the date and time this occurred.

Type #2: Sexual jokes 

There are many things at work you may be unable to avoid. This could involve attending meetings or go to social gatherings where your presence may be expected.

These circumstances can open a realm of potential sexual harassment situations. One of these includes having to listen to sexually explicit jokes that you may not find funny but are inappropriate. 

Type #3: Offensive pictures

Being shown a view of a co-worker without the proper clothing on can be less than ideal. If another employer shows you photographs of other people or this person's body, this can be a method of being sexually harassed.

Keep in mind; this is something you will want to report to your supervisor because it's highly possible to happen more than once.

Type #4: Receiving emails or texts

One thing you may not want is to be in touch with some of your co-workers after hours. However, if another person from your place of employment is harassing you, it's possible to receive texts or emails full of sexual content.

The good news is this could be one of the best types of sexual harassment to be a part of because this will provide you with a hard copy of these actions to strengthen your case.

Taking time to know your rights in a circumstance of this type is essential. It's always in your best interest to be proactive and work with a sexual harassment attorney in your area to assist you in getting the justice you deserve when it comes to this type of behavior. 


20 November 2017

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