Workers' Comp: Avoid Sabotaging Yourself

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The pain and uncertainty you may find yourself feeling after a work accident can make you reluctant to start any long process. However, if you need money with any medical or household bills because of the situation, a claim for workers' compensation is vital. Because you're working so hard to maintain your home and heal, your focus might not be on workers' comp as much as it could be, potentially costing yourself money. Ensure you know these compensation details.

Time Limits Exist

You may think that with your savings, you don't need any compensation from your job--especially if you don't want to make waves with the company. However, after some months you might regret that decision and consider a claim at that point. Your health might not be as good as you want and you may want to wait before dealing with insurance issues. If any of these statements are true, you must be aware that time limits could affect your personal ability to file. Taking action now is the best way to ensure that all issues are resolved before limits are reached.

Co-workers and Bosses Aren't Authorities

Even if your favorite co-workers and immediate supervisor mean well, the information they pass on to you is not always adequate or correct. Without knowing, they can tell you incorrect filing dates, encourage you to do the wrong things or otherwise give advice that causes delays and flat-out rejections for your case. After reporting the accident and ensuring your boss has gone through with company protocol, the only people to count on for information are those inside the company's department of human resources.You should also consult the company's manual or policy regarding these claims, which the HR department can provide you.

Investigators are Likely

Many people have no idea that investigators are retained by many insurance carriers, and even fewer people realize they could be targets. However, if you have begun a claim for workers' comp, you should expect that the insurance carrier will want to know about you and whether you're being honest. Their investigators may speak to friends, both at work and home; they might look you up online or watch your actions in public places. Your coping tactics should include following doctor orders to the letter, avoiding gossip and privatizing any internet information about yourself.

The process may take time, but if you're doing what you ought to be, claim approval and adequate payments will arrive. Glean more information and advice from a good workers compensation law office. 


15 December 2017

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