What to Do in a Car Accident Case When the Other Driver is Uncooperative

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Figuring out matters in a car accident case can help you recover damages and be sure that you're paid what you need to make up for it. This can become incredibly difficult if the person that hit you isn't cooperating. The law and general guidelines tell you to remain at the scene of the accident and exchange information whenever a wreck occurs. However, you can't always count on another driver to do what's right. 

If you're in this position, you can use the information below to help you.

Call an officer, try to exchange information, and aggressively take further action if the other driver doesn't cooperate. 

No matter how the accident was caused, you will need to get the help of the authorities. They'll not only keep you safe while you try to communicate with the other driver but they'll also help block off or move your vehicle and will help you extract information. 

When you're notified by displatch that an officer is on the way, you should then try to reach out to the other driver. Start by seeing if they're OK and call for medical help if necessary. From there, you should start exchanging insurance information and contact information in addition to taking down their license plate number. Keep things civil between the two of you and don't apologize or say anything they can work against you in court. 

If the other driver takes off, get as much information about them as possible as you might have to file a hit and run claim, which has more serious repercussions than a typical car accident. 

Get the legal system involved and hire a car accident lawyer for assistance.

If the other driver is being evasive or hard to get in touch with, you'll need to get the help of a lawyer. Bringing a car accident lawyer into the mix will be helpful when it comes time to recouping damages.

A car wreck attorney will charge a fee of between 25% and 40% of the payment that you receive. Walk them through every part of what happened during the accident so that they're better able to speak for you. It takes a strong advocate to get matters moving during a car accident case, so take your time to hire the best.

When the other driver doesn't cooperate the way they should, you'll have to take matters into your own hands. To make this happen, follow these strategies and get the help of an attorney who is experienced with car accident law.


29 January 2019

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