How To Sort Through A Multi-Car Accident

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Most car accidents can be pretty easy to make sense of. If another driver hits you, that driver is considered at fault as long as you can prove it. However, if you are involved in a complex multi-car accident, you may have a difficult time finding out who is at fault and assigning the percentage of the blame to each party.

The Ensuing Battles with Insurance Providers

When there are multiple cars involved in an accident, each insurance provider will look for ways to blame the other parties and will also try to reduce their liability as much as possible. Also, in some accidents, there may only be one party responsible for the crash. However, because so many vehicles are involved, the motorist might have policy limits that are not high enough to sufficiently compensate everyone. In some states, policy limits can be as low as $25,000. Motorists can choose higher policy limits, but even the highest limit might not be enough, depending on how many cars are involved.

Lawsuits and Multi-Car Accidents

You will always have the option of suing a motorist when you are not able to receive full compensation through the motorist's auto insurance provider. However, this will only be effective if the motorist has assets that can be collected to pay for your damages. Therefore, you will need help from a car accident attorney to perform an investigation to determine if the other party has these assets.

There are several strategies you can use to collect for the damages you have suffered. For example, you may be able to levee bank accounts or garnish wages. However, you'll need to prove that the party is at fault by untangling everything that has happened. That will require witnesses, experts, and a car accident lawyer.


You will not be able to seek compensation for your injuries unless you can prove that you are not at fault for the accident in most states. For some states, you can be considered partially at fault for the accident and still receive compensation. However, you will want to minimize your liability so you may maximize your compensation. 

To prove that you aren't liable, however, it can be very difficult to sort through everything that happened, and you will need to refute any claims made by other parties to the contrary. Fortunately, your car accident attorney will likely work for a law firm that employs expert witnesses who can help.

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29 October 2020

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