Big Rig Ramifications and Taking Action

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All accidents can lead to injuries and months of misery for the victim. Things can get even worse when it comes to accidents with a big rig truck. These gigantic vehicles may be indispensable for trucking the goods we need from place to place, but they are also very dangerous. Read on to find more about taking action when a big rig has put you in the hospital.

When Big and Fast Equals Dangerous

It's easy to see how big rig drivers could end up hitting smaller passenger cars. The cabs of these large vehicles sit high and the drivers may not pay as much attention to the many smaller vehicles surrounding the truck as they should. These big rig trucks are heavier too. Unfortunately, that means that in a contest between a tractor-trailer and a passenger car, the truck will win every time. The weight of the bigger truck means smaller vehicles can be more severely damaged, and that leads to more severely damaged passengers too. Other common issues with big-rig trucks are:

  • The drivers may be distracted. They have to maintain communications with their dispatcher and with their destinations. In addition, these truck drivers are prey to the same things that distract everyone else: cell phones, video systems, navigation devices, eating, and more.
  • The drivers may be more fatigued than passenger car drivers. Many truck drivers are on a tight delivery schedule and can run behind due to unexpected traffic or weather issues. That can lead to tired, sleepy, and less alert truck drivers.
  • The truck may be poorly maintained. If the truck coming up behind you has bad brakes, the driver won't be able to stop properly. That is why getting a hold of the maintenance records of a big rig truck is so important after a wreck.
  • Load issues could cause a truck to wreck when the load shifts. That can turn a truck over on top of passenger cars.

Taking Action

Many truckers work for large trucking companies and they are responsible for the training and maintenance of the truckers and trucks. These companies also have deep pockets. That means victims can sue the trucking company rather than the driver and benefit from the insurance these trucking companies must maintain. The two most important things victims need to do after an accident with a big rig are to seek medical treatment right away and speak to an attorney as soon as you can.

Don't suffer from the many forms of damage caused by a big rig driver without compensation—talk to an auto accident attorney right away.


27 January 2021

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