Should You Consent To Take The Breathalyzer Test When Charged With DUI?

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Have you been accused of DUI? The ever-growing DUI industry has given rise to subsidiary issues like breath alcohol tests for the defendant. Once you get arrested with a DUI charge, you will be asked to consent to a blood-alcohol test. The test will show the level of alcohol in your body. 

The United States' acceptable limit is anything below 0.08%. If your levels exceed these, it shows the alcohol level in your blood is too high. Most suspected offenders ask whether they should agree to take the test. Here is some general guidance.

When to Refuse the Test

While it is essential to cooperate with the police officers, you should think carefully before agreeing to take the test if you know you had taken a couple of alcoholic drinks before your arrest. The only time you should agree to the test is when you are sure the result will have a positive outcome. In the eyes of the law, you should not be driving any machinery or vehicles under the influence. 

Alcohol also takes time to make its way to the bloodstream. For example, you may be in the bar having a beer, and you are a few minutes away from home. You could pay your bill, leave, get in the car, and drive off feeling fine. Immediately after drinking, your alcohol level will be low, and in most cases, is usually below the 0.08% limit.

Assuming you get arrested on your way and are taken to the station, processing might take some time. After spending hours in the station, the alcohol content will increase in your system, and the test will show a high level. Therefore, you may want to forgo the test.

Always contact a DUI attorney after your arrest. Foregoing the test can cause additional charges to your arrest. It can also lead to license revocation. Therefore, seeking legal advice should be a top priority.

Best Time to Take the Test

The optimal time to agree to the test is during your arrest while still at the driver's seat. Being asked to take the test hours after getting arrested does not give an accurate measure.

Take Extreme Caution 

Any professional DUI lawyer you contact immediately after getting charged will recommend you to be cautious about the breathalyzer test. This is because, in some cases, the test doesn't give accurate results. Therefore, unless you are sure you haven't taken any alcoholic beverages, you should avoid it. Contact a DUI lawyer today for professional help with your DUI charges.


15 September 2021

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