Seeking Personal Injury Compensation After A Childcare Abuse Issue

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Most parents do their utmost to find safe and trustworthy childcare solutions. Parents may eventually find that trusting relationship put to the test, though, when abuse rears its head. Dealing with childcare abuse issues can be incredibly difficult for parents, and the abuse can create serious problems with their child's emotional health. Parents, at some point, should consider taking several actions once the abuse comes to light. Read on and find out more.

Involve Law Enforcement

Child abuse is a crime as well as a civil matter, so make sure you get law enforcement involved in the case first. They may arrest an employee, several workers, the owner of the business, or whoever they deem responsible for the abuse. Criminal charges are necessary to ensure that the abuse is not overlooked or tolerated ever again.

Involve a Lawyer

Child abuse cases against a caregiving business can be complex matters. Take care of your child and yourself and begin the healing process while you allow a legal professional to take over the case for you. Your lawyer will obtain evidence, like the way law enforcement obtained the evidence for the criminal charges, and use that evidence to force the facility to pay for the abuse they allowed to occur. Some heartbroken parents are reluctant to take this step, but doing so can help other parents. Lawsuits, even those resolved through a settlement, tend to attract news coverage. That coverage could prompt a parent to pay closer attention to what's happening at their facility — thus preventing another incident.

Signs of Abuse

If you suspect your child is being abused, look for the following signs of problems at home:

  • Behavioral changes like aggression against siblings or others, temper tantrums, inappropriate sexual behavior, and regressing to thumb-sucking or bedwetting after having grown out of those behaviors.
  • Unusual, clingy behavior when dropping off the child. In some cases, the child may refuse to stay even when they previously were happy to do so.
  • Unexplained physical signs like bruising, swelling, scratches, and more.
  • Sleeping and eating problems, particularly nightmares.

Taking Action on Your Child's Behalf

Parents of children who were abused at a daycare center can act on their child's behalf when taking civil action. In most cases, the evidence gathered by law enforcement is used to create a personal injury case. Furthermore, the criminal case and its outcome may strengthen your civil case against the childcare facility. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about the case and make sure the facility is punished both criminally and financially.


29 November 2021

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