Tips For Keeping Divorce Issues Private

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Many people don't want their divorce details to become public information. Unfortunately, others might access your divorce information if you don't take measures to keep the information private. Below are tips to keep divorce issues private.

Settle Outside the Courtroom

The best way to keep your divorce issues private is to settle your divorce outside the courtroom. Negotiate your divorce and take your settlement to court for ratification. You can also try mediation or collaboration.

Mediation requires you to involve a neutral third party to guide your negotiations. Collaboration requires you and your respective parties to work towards an agreement. In both cases, you keep your issues outside the court, where most proceedings are public.

Negotiate a Confidentiality Agreement

Negotiate a confidentiality agreement with your spouse just as you negotiate other aspects of your divorce. The agreement defines the divorce details either of you may share. For example, you may agree not to share your financial details or asset distribution agreement. This method works best if you agree.

Ask the Court to Exclude the Settlement in Its Records

You must take your divorce settlement to court once you agree with your partner. The court will retain a copy of the agreement, which may be public. Ask the court to reference your divorce settlement agreement without including it in its court records. That way, those who find your divorcé information in court documents won't have your details.

Limit the Information You Share

Limit the information you share with the court or other parties. Don't give the court information it does need. Blank out sensitive information on general documents that the court doesn't need. If the court requires some financial documents that have your Social Security Number, blank out the number if the court doesn't need it so third parties cannot get it.

Ask the Court to Seal the Records

Lastly, you can ask the court to seal your divorce records so others won't get your details. The government understands that some information should remain private. You must prove why you want the court to seal your records. For example, you can explain to the court that you fear harassment from others who may see your divorce records.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you divorce without airing your lines in public. Consult a lawyer before your divorce to ensure everything proceeds as you like. For example, the lawyer may advise and help you with how to keep your divorce details private. For more information, contact a divorce lawyer near you.


28 June 2023

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