3 Things That Are Hard To Divide In A Divorce

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Do you think that you and your spouse are on the same page when it comes to getting a divorce and dividing your assets? You may be surprised that this part of the process is more complicated than you think. Here are three things that are hard to divide when going through the divorce process: Retirement Accounts There are many complications that can come into play when trying to separate retirement accounts.

7 July 2021

When Should You Speak With An Estate Litigation Lawyer?

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Pursuing estate litigation sounds like a dramatic choice. However, you may need to work with an estate litigation lawyer to protect your rights and interests. If you're facing one of these four situations, it might be time to contact an estate litigation attorney. Administrative Negligence The executor or administrator of an estate has a number of duties. One of the most common forms of negligence that leads to estate litigation is failing to properly maintain properties.

28 April 2021

Steps To Take When Filing A Complaint Against An Employer

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When you work for a small company and you are considering filing a complaint, you may want to consult with an employer attorney if the principal of the company is an involved party. This will allow you to maximize the chances that your complaint will lead to a resolution that will benefit you. The Process of Filing a Complaint Your employer attorney will instruct you on which agency you should file a complaint to.

28 April 2021

How An Emergency Bail Bonds Service Can Help

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Putting someone in handcuffs or booking them for a crime may seem like just another day to the average police officer, but to the person getting booked, it can seem like an absolute nightmare, a clear emergency that you will want to get yourself out of as soon as possible. That's where an emergency bail bonds company can be a big help. Here's how reaching out to a local emergency bail bonds service might be exactly what you need during one of the worst moments of your life.

30 March 2021

Frequently Asked Questions About Your DUII Case

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If you have been charged with a DUII, you are fighting the same charges as many other people. You are not alone in wanting to have the best defense possible. A DUII charge can change your life, and you need to be able to defend yourself. This is what you need to know about the charges you are up against. How Can You Defend Against These Allegations? There are a few ways you can defend yourself against these allegations.

1 March 2021

Big Rig Ramifications and Taking Action

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All accidents can lead to injuries and months of misery for the victim. Things can get even worse when it comes to accidents with a big rig truck. These gigantic vehicles may be indispensable for trucking the goods we need from place to place, but they are also very dangerous. Read on to find more about taking action when a big rig has put you in the hospital. When Big and Fast Equals Dangerous

27 January 2021

Family Lawyers Can Help You With Stepparent Adoptions

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Families come in all shapes and sizes. Today, many families include children who have been adopted by stepparents. These relationships can be very special, and they can become legal parent-child relationships thanks to the court. Are you thinking about adopting your stepchild? These are some of the steps involved in the legal process. Make Sure Adoption Is Right for Your Family Adoption is a great choice for many families, but it is not the best choice for every family.

29 December 2020

How To Protect Yourself From Police Or Prosecutorial Misconduct

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Among the biggest worries that criminal lawyers have is that their clients might be victims of police or prosecutorial misconduct. It can be hard to undo problems with a case even if there has been misconduct, and the best way to handle the issue is to try to protect yourself from it. Here are three ways suspects, witnesses, and defendants may be able to improve their chances when faced with authorities who are being sketchy.

30 November 2020

How To Sort Through A Multi-Car Accident

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Most car accidents can be pretty easy to make sense of. If another driver hits you, that driver is considered at fault as long as you can prove it. However, if you are involved in a complex multi-car accident, you may have a difficult time finding out who is at fault and assigning the percentage of the blame to each party. The Ensuing Battles with Insurance Providers When there are multiple cars involved in an accident, each insurance provider will look for ways to blame the other parties and will also try to reduce their liability as much as possible.

29 October 2020

Wage Laws You Should Know So You Ensure You Are Paid

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When you work for a living you expect to be paid a reasonable amount for the work you do. You also expect that your paycheck will come in a reasonable timeframe, and within the pay period set up by your employment contract. If this doesn't happen, you have legal rights to contact an unpaid wages lawyer to get the payment owed to you. What are some of the wage laws you should know to ensure you are paid on time and every time?

30 September 2020