It's Never Convenient To Be Injured: Understand How To Protect Yourself From Harm At Convenience Stores.

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Out of all the things that happen in the daily life of a commuter, not much seems as mundane as stopping at a convenience store to buy fuel. Dodging irresponsible drivers zipping down the freeway seems a lot harder to do than getting a fill-up. However, the reality is that some convenience stores are filled with potential injury pitfalls, and you must be alert when making a stop. Below are some of the dangers and ways to protect yourself from the dangers at convenience stores:

29 December 2014

3 People You May Need To Deal With After You File An Injury Claim


Whether you are injured in a car accident or have a work-related injury, it's important to understand who you may need to deal with during the litigation process for your injury claim, and what their roles are during the process. Here are 3 professionals you may become very familiar with during the litigation process.   Adjuster You will need to deal with at least one adjuster. Adjusters work for the insurance company.

23 December 2014

How Is Fault Determined In A Car Accident?

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If you're ever involved in a car accident, one of your first things to address will be who is at fault. Deciding whose fault an accident is can be a complicated issue, so how exactly is fault determined? Here you will learn a little about how insurance companies, police officers and lawyers determine fault, and how that will affect your case. Comparative Negligence The first thing you need to find out from your counsel is whether your state is a tort state or whether the state recognizes comparative negligence.

23 September 2014