Should You Tell The IRS Your Spouse Cheats On Their Taxes?

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Do you suspect your spouse has committed tax fraud? Whether they're hiding income, understanding their earnings, or overstating expenses, they've now put you in a difficult position. Should you report their activity to the IRS? The answer is complicated. To help you find the best way forward, here are five things to know first.   1. Learn Whether You're Right Before you take any steps, start by making sure you're right about the fraud.

9 December 2022

4 Instances When Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer Is Worth It

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It's no secret that car accidents are expensive. From the cost of repairs to the price of medical bills, a single collision can quickly deplete your savings. And if you're not at fault, you may be wondering if hiring a car accident lawyer is worth the expense. While there are some situations where it may not be necessary to work with an attorney, other instances may require you to seek assistance from a car accident lawyer.

14 November 2022

Hiring A Wrongful Death Lawyer: Things To Know

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Most people hope they never have to hire a wrongful death lawyer. But in reality, wrongful death cases do exist, and you may find yourself in a position where you need to hire an attorney with this specialty. If you do end up in this position, here are a few things you need to know before hiring a wrongful death lawyer. They'll want to review the basics of your case first.

17 October 2022

How to Safeguard Your Rights in a Car Crash If Police Officers Don’t Come to the Scene

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After a collision, there are certain steps you have to take to protect your rights. One of them is informing the police about the incident. Typically, the police should respond to your call by coming to the scene. Then, they will gather essential information about the collision. But sometimes the officers delay, especially in a minor accident. The police may also be hesitant if the incident doesn't involve casualties. Contact your car accident lawyer for guidance if the police take too long to arrive.

21 September 2022

How Can An Estate Litigation Lawyer Help Avoid Family Disputes?

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Do you fear estate matters could bring fights in your family? No one wants to think about estate litigation, but the fact is that disputes between family members over inheritance and property are all too common. These disputes can be costly, emotionally draining, and time-consuming. They can also tear families apart and lead to long-term animosity. An estate litigation lawyer is very useful in preventing these family disputes. How can this legal professional help?

25 August 2022

Need A Divorce Lawyer? How To Find One

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Family law attorneys have training and experience in all things related to domestic issues. That usually includes adoption, child support, child custody, divorce, and more. When hiring an attorney to help you with your divorce, you must find someone you can trust, respect, and get along well with. Read on for what to look for in a divorce lawyer. Experience: Divorce law can be complex, so you want a lawyer that has been practicing for a while.

26 July 2022

How To Pay For A Bail Bond

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In most cases, the only way to get out of jail after an arrest is to pay the bail. That doesn't mean you must pay the entire amount, though. Read on to learn about how to pay for a bail bond. Bail and Bail Bonds It's easy to be confused when dealing with bail. Bail is the amount charged by the court system. On the other hand, a bail bond is different in several ways.

29 June 2022

SSDI Denials And Other Jobs

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Being unable to work at your job may mean applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. However, many people are denied and must file an appeal. At the appeal hearing, claimants must plead their case before an administrative law judge (ALJ) and a vocational expert. Read on and learn why appearing at a hearing without a Social Security lawyer could mean a second denial of benefits based on the "

1 June 2022

How To Have Charges Dismissed For Gross Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated

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When you are believed to be driving under the influence of alcohol and you end up in a car accident, you might be accused of a DUI. However, if an individual passes away as a result of the accident, you might also be charged with gross vehicular manslaughter. If this is the case, you will want to immediately hire an attorney who is experienced in handling DUI cases. How to Be Charged with Gross Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated

2 May 2022

3 Ways A Legal Recruiter Will Make Your Hiring Process Less Of A Hassle

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Most people's legal career is often thwarted after actively searching for jobs in vain. The legal industry is competitive, and clients are looking for highly qualified candidates to fill their vacant positions. To increase your chances of qualifying for a job, you need to do a lot of prep work, which includes preparing for the interview, updating your resume, and researching the organization. A legal recruiter can make this process easier and help you land a suitable job.

25 March 2022